Big sigh, and deep breath

Family and Company is proud to be a "Bricks and Mortar Expericnce Store" and the go-to store for family games, toys, and memory making.  And has been so since 1989.  We take pride in the store atmosphere, our hands-on approach to service, and the connections and relationships we build with customers.

Visitors to Family and Company and Stratford hail from around the world.  They enjoy the abundant culture, unbeatable culinary locations, unique shopping choices, and the beauty and charm of our city.

Supplying all of the fun that Family and Company enjoys in-store to our customers who can't "pop downtown" has long been an area of improvement.

Building an online version of Family and Company has been an 18 month project.  The process has brought us multiple to-do lists, learning new skills and composing product profiles.  We are thrilled to say "Here we are!"  We have focused on building an online shopping experience that will help you connect ideas with products in much the same way our Toy Experts assist you in achieving when in-store.

With the help of all of our online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) we hope to create a community for and of people where activities and interactions between family and friends are a core value and priority.

As we kick off this new facet of service we welcome feedback (as always) to help ensure that our style, sincerity, and shopping experience we pride ourselves for is lived up to, and exceeded.

Big sigh - the foundation is built; deep breath - now the fun can really start.

March 01, 2017 by Erin Wagler
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